About BallFrog
BallFrogBallFrog started in 2011 as a score texting service for three High School Districts. Like you, on Friday night, we desired Scores and Highlights from other local games while we were at our Home School game.

In 2013, we realized that texting was an unreliable and expensive way to deliver our scores, so we built an APP and incorporated PUSH NOTIFICATION Technology. We also added ALL Sports to our APP, Rosters, Schedules, Links and Fundraising Ads and Millions of Notifications later...Here we are...

With the BallFrog APP, our Goal is...

1.) To provide Fans a Customized experience where Scores and Highlights come to them without sorting/searching though other unwanted info.

2.) To assist Schools Athletic Departments by helping inform their Community of the Live Scores and Highlights for ALL of their Sports.

3.) To create Reporting for League/Club/Tournament Directors that need to collect score data and have simple easy access to the scores.

4.) To empower Any Sports Related Community with our APP technology and User Friendly experience looking to improve their Communication.

5.) To improve Marketing for Sports Organizations through APP Technology and Information.

6.) To be the Leader of Sports Community Score and Highlight Notifications and Data.

If you would like to discuss how BallFrog can help you... OR if you have an idea for us... please email or call us!

We are a very accessible company and are eager to help you be better and are eager to better ourselves.

Hope on Have a Ball!
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We are currently working with several organizations for a "Powered by BallFrog" Solution. If your organization would like to take advantage of our experienced Sports App team, please call or email us today!